Chain Drive Accessories

Fenner chains and sprockets provide a variety of solutions to power transmission applications using roller chain to both British and American standards, available in both Fenner Standard and Fenner PLUS options.

Whether its straightforward attachments to standard roller chain or fully certified leaf chain for lifting applications, Fenner Chain drives provide the perfect solution.

A complete range of accessories are available to support the range of Fenner Chain drives. Chain accessories available include:

  • Chain Pullers
    For drawing ends of a chain length together, to allow insertion of connecting links
    Quick and easy installation
  • Pin Extractors
    Easy-to-use tool to split chain to the required length
    Can be used with almost any size and make of roller chain
  • Chain Tensioners
    Simple to use tool to achieve optimum drive performance
    Maintain correct chain drive tension
    Reduce resonant frequency of chain drives

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