East African Chains Limited supplies all types of Conveyor belting including PVC, fabricated conveyors and conveyor fittings like rollers.
Many conveyors need fittings made of rubber.
They are wearing goods such as rubber boards and belt cleaning, but also materials and tools for installation and belt servicing.
GUMMIBORD--Undullated Side-Wall Belts
These are belts with undulated side-walls and / or rubber cleats and they represent the future of the transport by conveyors. Thanks to these technical supports, belts capacities hugely increase and they can transport up to 90° inclination
Abrasion Resistant Belts.
These belts are designed and produced with rubber covers suitable to resist to abrasion, wear and tears. Their typical job is to convey any non chemical aggressive material in ambient temperature. In particular, NORMALGUM belts are used for the transport on idlers, while GUMMIFLAT belts are suitable also to slide on metallic surface, because the bottom side with face in textile creates a low friction coefficient
Ammeraal Beltech's High Performance Flat Belts

Our RAPPLON® range of high performance flat belts features a range of drive belts designed for manufacturing processes. Drive surfaces are wear-resistant with high grip or low friction to guarantee uniform and stable speed transmission.
Surface covers include fabric, leather, natural rubber, elastomer and many thermoplastic coatings, and for special applications seamless covers are also available

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