Fenner Classical Timing Belt

Synchronous Belts

Offering high power transmission combined with accurate positioning in a compact drive envelope, Fenner synchronous drives continue to push out performance boundaries in the commitment to providing the ultimate drive performance..

Fenner Classical Timing Belts are the original square toothed belts. In conjunction with their associated pulleys classical belts provide an economic solution for light drive applications.

  • Classical profile imperial pitch belts
  • Wide range of belts and Taper Lock® pulleys
  • Efficient and economical
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • ISO 5296 (International Standards Organisation)
  • BS 4548 (British Standard)

Fenner HTD High Torque Drive Belt
Fenner HTD timing belts are the first generation of metric curvilinear tooth form synchronous belts for high torque drives. With their associated Taper Lock® Pulleys, they form cost effective drives for medium duty applications.
  • Curvilinear tooth improves stress distribution for higher tooth strength
  • Offers a more compact drive than classical timing belt drives
  • Full range of Taper Lock® pulleys in 5, 8 and 14mm pitch
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • ISO 13050 (International Standards Organisation)

Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3)
The state-of-the-art Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3) works with standard HTD pulleys to provide the ultimate combination of power capacity, low noise and high accuracy in a belt drive. Manufactured using the latest materials and production technology, Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 continues to push the boundaries of belt
  • The highest power rating for rubber/glassfibre belts
  • Enhanced compounding and glassfibre cord excel in highly dynamic applications
  • Minimum backlash for precise positioning
  • Ultra compact and cost effective drives
  • Polyamide facing layer reduces noise and belt tooth wear
  • Runs optimally on standard HTD pulleys
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • ISO 13050 (International Standards Organisation)

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