Fenner SMSR - Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

The Fenner SMSR PowerPLUS offers a rugged design and a 50% increase in the power to weight ratio over the older version. The PowerPLUS is more compact for easier handling and features an increased range of bore sizes.

  • Compact, rugged design
  • Bore sizes ranging from 20mm to 190mm available
  • Metric and imperial reducing bushes available
  • Easy fit backstops available
  • Comprehensive output speeds available with a simple Fenner belt drive
  • ATEX certification available

Taper Grip™

The unique Taper Grip™ bush locking system allows Fenner SMSR's to be secured onto the driven shaft thus overcoming the difficulties that can be experienced with other methods of mounting - Particularly in corrosive environments.
  • Transmits 300% more torque and accommodates shaft tolerances to h11
  • Resistant to fretting corrosion
  • Allows easy removal of gear unit
  • Wide selection of metric and imperial bush sizes available

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